Remakes In Halo 4?

> Will there be remakes from Halo 3 maps like Guardian? –xRCNx VorteX
> We aren’t discussing MP maps beyond Wraparound and War House, and while the vast majority of our maps will be brand new, we also know what the ladies (and gents) like.

Read the bold, this is excellent news, hopefully they choose the right maps to remake though. Valhalla? The Pit? Sandtrap? Zanzibar?

Love to see a remake of Valhalla, Waterworks, Blood Gulch or Sandtrap :slight_smile:

Don’t wanna be a derp a derp but check my thread out. :slight_smile:

I have a big ol thread about map remakes that I created a long time ago that I updated with this info. It’s very exciting news to me because I love getting a fresh look at older maps.

It’s on the front page btw.

ps… I’m pumped.

Yeah that was one of my favorite parts.

seriously guys what sequel doesn’t have at east 1-2 remakes these days.

Not like it’s a huge shocker.

As long as it flows good with halo 4, and doesn’t take up space that could have been used by a better map, I’m ok with it.