Remake Halo 3 Infection Gametypes(Workaround)

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A friend of mine told me how much he missed playing Predator on Halo 3. It had been an impossible gametype to recreate since then. In Halo: Reach, even Good Camo made you visible when normal walking. The gametype simply didn’t work with the Predator crawling everywhere. In Halo 4 this was remedied. And with that remedy, almost every single option for Flood/Infection was removed from the game making community gametypes like Fatboy and Predator impossible.

Now I don’t know how much those two gametypes circulated and it doesn’t matter. I’m sure most of you have some sort of infection based game you made with your friends that you can no longer imitate. Well, I sought to undo this problem for my friend and did. If something like this has been posted, then ignore my wall of text and move on.

The point.

To imitate old specialized Infection gametypes requires a custom map and gametype. Believe it or not, our gametype is… Slayer! Yes, that old silly gametype no one plays anymore (right?). For this example, I will be using Predator. The premise of this game is one person is a Predator (yes, from the movie) and the rest are marines trying to fight their way to the end of the time limit. (Spoiler: you never win).

First, make yourself a map. You don’t have to decorate it right away. The only thing you must on the map is the following:

Step 1: Create a Kill ball. I highly recommend moving it out of sight where no one will ever find it. Until it kills them.

Step 2: Create an INIITAL spawn point. Make absolutely sure there are no other initial spawn points on the map anywhere EVER.

Set this initial spawn to Attacker team (blue) and Fixed or Phased physics. Put it in the killball. Yes, in.

Set a RESPAWN point and set it to Attacker. Put this where ever you want your actual Zombie/Infector/Boogieman/Charlie Manson to spawn.

Step 3: Pretty much the exact opposite of two. Set some INITIAL spawn points set to DEFENDER (red) team where you want your actual defenders to spawn.

Place DEFENDER respawn zones inside of the kill ball (or balls if you run short on space… in the ball.)

There. That is it for the map. Save and quit, then set your gametype.

Step 1: Select infinity slayer. Disable loadouts (disable game loadouts, set loadout types to Game Loadouts and then set all Game Loadouts to hidden. If you want to give your defenders choices, you’ll need to spawn items for them to pick up. Otherwise, these loadouts will overwrite the traits we will set for the Attacker.) Disable ordinance. Unless you really don’t want to.

Step 2: This is the important part. I’m sorry to tell you that no matter what, scoring for your game will be completely whack and make no sense. You’ll just have to keep track in your head. The reason is because scoring becomes a technical function. It’s our workaround.

Go into the gametype settings and set Death Points to 20. I know, weird. When the game starts, your Attacker will immediately die and be put in the lead. This will let us use Leader Traits to give them special settings. Set Kill Points to 50 and disable betraying. Set Suicide Points to -50. These settings will prevent another player from getting ahead of the Attacker at any time in the game. They die by the Attacker’s hand and the Attacker gains 50 when they gain 20, or they commit suicide and net -10.

Set your lives to 2. This will imitate Infection. The attacker will lose one life immediately, and on respawn the Defender(s) will lose their second life and be forced into spectator mode.

Step 3: Set your Base Traits for your Defenders. These traits will only affect Defenders unless you leave any Leader Traits at “Unchanged.”

Step 4: Set your Leader Traits for your Attacker. You can set weapons, armor abilities, jump height, health, damage, etc. In fact, you can change every single trait, which is something you cannot do to Zombies.


Defender (Uninfected) traits will be based on Base Player Traits. Attacker traits are set by Leader Traits. The respawn system allows you to force the Attacker into Lead and inherit the traits. They will spawn with the weapons you choose because Leadership is set before spawn. Your scoring will make no sense, but it doesn’t matter a whole lot. I think it’s pretty simple to tell who wins and you’ll likely be playing with friends who will get it, or not even care.

It should be fairly obvious, but you will need to have one person set to Blue team and everyone else who is not the Attacker set to Red and you must set it to ONE round only. Otherwise teams will switch and everyone on Red will become Blue and you likely didn’t design the spawns for that.

I’d like everyone to post gametypes they’ve made with this. Since it was what I made it for, I’m going to post the Predator rules I use.

15 Minutes round time

Predator is set with a Binary Rifle and Energy Sword with Good Camo. Damage is set to 50% base and 500% melee (two hits with Binary Rifle, 1 hit with sword). Infinite Ammo is on but not bottomless. Armor Ability is Promethean vision with Unlimited Use. Damage resistance is 200% with no shields. About a 2.8 second kill time. Packages are Mobility and Dexterity. Sprinting is pointless because it will uncloak you. Radar is set to off. No special effects (ruins camo). Jump height is 200% and run speed is 150%. Matches AVP movements and movies.

Marines have a SAW, take regular damage, very weak melee, nerfed jump and speed to make them more human. No weapon pickups for anyone. No radar for them as well. I like to give them one grenade with Explosives. A direct hit will kill the Predator, a meter off and it will just give the Attacker and owie. Resupply is on as well, if your friend dies without using theirs, you get it.

Fun rule (cannot be enforced by gametype): Promethean vision must be always on. The upside is it makes a croaking sound like in the movie when they’re nearby, the downside is the red light effect is still on in camo (this glitch needs to be fixed… next to the punch-zoom one) and can be seen at short to medium range.

Helping no one? Hm, wonder if there is a better place to put this.

Interesting. I’m better at making gametypes more then maps. I really wish we could do more editing with flood. The model is just too amazing to pass up. As for placing this you’re in the right place. The forums are slow somedays. Maybe to help your post you can post an example of some gameplay you got from making this gametype. Or possibly record a video of you making the gametype itself.

I read it all but i’m a visual learner. So perhaps a visual aid will attract attention.

Sounds good actually :slight_smile: