Remade maps for halo 5

I know there is probably already a post for this but I was curious about what ideas people had for remastered maps from previous halo games in halo 5. List your top Five maps you would like to see remastered.

here are mine

1.headlong (halo 2)
I think the urban construction zone would complement the Spartan abilities like clamber and ground pound a lot.

  1. Last resort (halo 3) I know Zanzibar has been remade three times but I love this map especially the the halo 3 version.

  2. Prisoner (halo ce) this map has a lot of ledges and and areas to ground pound, if it was remade and I think would fit nicely into halo 5

  3. The pit (halo 3) no explanation

  4. Sanctuary (halo 2) I love this map even in halo reach

what are your favorite maps you want to see in halo 5?

The pit was my secondad home

Guardian. It should be the #1 guarranteed remade map. Come on, it’s called Halo 5: GUARDIANS.

Haven and Guardian. Would like to see Sword Base too

Oh god not prisoner they have to make that map bigger or else it would be height advantage and rockets to your face half the time.

…Boarding action

Halo 3 - Narrows
Halo 3 - Pit (good choice!)
Halo 3 - Onslaught