Release the campaign

Seriously. I can’t go anywhere on YT or social media without seeing some video from a content creator about how awesome campaign is, or < insert cool thing here > is back!

I don’t want to be spoiled on the campaign and I don’t want to walk around on eggshells for the next 2 weeks avoiding stuff.

If it’s good enough for content creators and media to have already been playing for a week now and ruin pieces of it for me, can we just go ahead and release it?


They made us wait an extra year and already were careless leaving campaign spoilers in the flights.
We waited 6 years for a new Halo Campaign. Almost 10 for a true MC focused Campaign and now they are being careless about spoilers. 343i is a not worthy.

Or, maybe, I don’t know… not go looking on outlets that contain spoilers.

Your fault for opening that “top 10 campaign leaks” or “new info on campaign” videos.

Or better yet, filter it out/don’t open said sites. At this point it’s a complete you issue/fault for being spoiled.

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You’ve completely jumped over the point there chum. Imagine you have a colleague at work that keeps spoiling films, you gonna stop going work?

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I’m not opening anything and I’m not looking. Hard to avoid when the content creators that 343 gave early access to put stuff in the thumbnail and title.

Maybe next time think critically and don’t be so condescending, or just keep scrolling save your time.


How can you even compare the two in your mind? Like, how did you logically process that the situation with campaign is similar to this cheeky little hypothetical that you came up with?

I could go watch a film that I’m excited for when it opens to avoid spoilers from a co-worker.

The campaign isn’t open for the vast majority of players. Were you even serious with this comparison, or are you not able to think well enough to notice the differences?

I defended you bro….

The basic point is why stop doing something because of something else is ruining the experience.

They patched friendly fire. FINALLY!

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Maybe I misunderstood your response. Seemed like you were saying it’s just something we have to deal with.

But you are searching for things related to what you don’t want to see. That’s what I’m saying. Just don’t, or filter out everything else.

If you search for Halo, say, it’s going to show up. Ignorance is bliss. It won’t kill someone to be without youtube for a few weeks.

No see the thing with these search engines is you like to watch one thing halo related you’ll have something else shown to you, that thing might be a spoiler no matter what. Sadly can’t prevent thumbnails.

Spoilers been popping up in my recommended too. It’s also happened on youtube for other things. I even got a spoiler on chrome mobile before (different media). I think it has to do with sponsored channels. I’ve also had to ask youtube to not recommend channels I didn’t like before multiple times (I cannot stand most e-celebs)

And sadly some youtubers have broke the embargo, and 343 have not even tried to remove them. For example Nintendo would shut that down so quick like Negan from the walking dead.

Haha, that’s a poor analogy. It’s called selective hearing. Granted, it’s a learned skill of sorts, but that guy is an idiot regardless. Besides, most people don’t just walk up to you and bomb you with spoilers… there is something wrong with them at that point.

No of course they don’t but it doesn’t stop you hearing it. I don’t agree the campaign should be released now, but while the campaign has been given to the selected few it was their job to be more conservative.

This was something I was fearful off. Was hoping most content creators would respect the fans by not using spoiling thumbnails an descriptions but apparently it’s all about them views…

Really don’t get why 343 thinks this will increase sales, has a bigger shot at letting fans down at a shot at a genuine campaign experience.

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Idk, I’m just having a hard time comprehending the need to be on there.
I’m looking forward to a game coming early next year, and have set my laptop/outlet settings to restrict data use. So I don’t get these calibrated ads. I am staying off YT unless I need a IRL guide, and don’t type anything regarding that game. Total shut out.
Then again, call me old fashoned, but I grew up on paper print out guides, so I don’t understand the modern YT addiction…

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Same here man. As soon as i play this game I’ll be on that not YouTube or Twitter :joy: not everyone went through the extra step you get me, and most was definitely not expecting the opening to get spoiled when everyone else wasn’t allowed to show it.

Oh, I understand. It’s like the early released pokemon games. Nintendo couldn’t handle the surge of info. Once it hits the internet, it’s impossible to stop.
Best anyone can do sadly is go into lockdown.