Relay forge map

If you don’t know about this map yet, it’s a small arena styled symmetrical forged map on Impact that came with Halo 4. It is by far my favourite map in Halo 4 with Haven coming in as a close second.

I watched the Crimson map pack trailer and noticed the lack of small arena maps and instead of whinging and complaining like I could be, I thought a nice compromise would be putting Relay into War Games matchmaking. It’s great for SWAT, Infinity Slayer, Oddball and Regicide.

I’m going to assume that they haven’t put it in because of all the complaints about forge maps in Halo: Reach which is perfectly acceptable as I was sick of playing on grey maps as well but I hate to see such a quality map go to waste.

Please consider this 343i and for the rest of you, what do you think of this map? Love it, hate it? I’d like to hear other people’s opinions.

Best map in halo 4 and it’s not in rotation