Relaxed Achilles Grind Recruiting!

Message for an invite! Here is my companies’ Bio below:

Feel free to join simply to get rewards as a collective. This isn’t one of the crappy elitist groups that is pretty much every other group floating around right now.

There are no join requirements, there is none of this “raid schedule” crap where

“Oh my god you must play x hours every day and get x kills to join our totally not pre-pubescent MLG clan!”

Just join, add to your potential reward pool on a 100% relaxed slow grind from just normal human play.
Play once a month for all I care. Lets all relax and just get some extra rewards on top of the usual play before all this “Spartan company” junk was even a thing.

Lone wolf it or whatever. Play exactly how you wanted to and did before Spartan Companies existed while getting bonus rewards collectively. Yay free relaxed rewards.

I’ll Join, Im a decent player. just alwasy run as Lone wolf, which does impact my over all stats. But running as a Lone wolf in REACH I REACHed Inheritor with a 1.25 K/D

Howdy, Your company seems amazing and I would love to be a part of it

-Sargent G 415