Rejoining Ranked Arena Matches = When?

MCC has this, how many years until Infinite gets this ability?

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Be nice if they did it and quick. I like arena but it’s pretty bad when a teammate quits or gets booted due to no fault of their own and then it’s 3v4 or 2v4 if you already had a guy quit and then On top of that you get penalized for losing.

Yep. It’s a no brainer.

And tone the game down a bit while it’s 3v4. eg. take equipment and power weapons off the map.

I would assume there are some more serious issues behind the scenes with this as there has been some instances of abuse in MCC so the solution isn’t exactly entirely obvious.

How could this be abused? Purposely downranking yourself is all i can think of, or unless you some how are playing against your friends and leave on purpose so they can gain rank? Otherwise i dont get it.

The one I remember most vividly in MCC was people teamkilling then Dashboarding before they got kicked and rejoining (or getting kicked then reinvited by a friend). Also examples of people idling out of games then rejoining to still get credit for the match

There was a bigger thread about this on old Waypoint but I can’t recall the discussion

My main point wasn’t really about specifics… More about something like this being deceptively complicated behind the scenes. I would rather they take the appropriate amount of time to get it right than rush it and introduce bigger problems

No doubt, I agree…

Over/Under is 5 years, what do you want? :laughing: Honestly, I doubt it’ll come as there is just too many other things for them to do, that are more pressing because this game is a huge mess :pensive: The future should definitely be in though!

They already have it implemented in MCC - is it really that hard to get it implemented in Infinite as well?

To get implemented… Probably not. To get implemented properly, right, and well… Probably a lot harder than you might think.

lol true enough.

honest question; is the engine/coding of MCC<->Infinite similar at all? I’d imagine it’s different enough and that could be a reason why it isnt even on a road map atm?

If such a task is hard to accomplish, either your dev quality or your software quality has to be questioned.

What’s really tragic about this whole topic: in 6 years, noone obviously thought about it to wright it down on the „necessary feature“ list. How you can release a game without such a fundamental features is beyond believe.
So this adds bad designers to the other 2 factors. And people are questioning why people got layed off at 343…


I do agree with this and think it should be a basic addition.

There are some significant differences, including with the networking, which may well explain the issue here.

Whenever my game crashes it typically takes around 5 minutes just to reboot it and get back to searching. I’m not sure a rejoin feature is the right or positive move for ranked matches in Infinite.

on PC I presume? When i get kicked out on XSX it just puts me back in the multplayer main menu. So to click rejoin shouldnt be as bad…


My buddy who plays on XSX is also able to load up extremely quickly. I’m not sure why there’s such a big difference, but I do get it with the whole idea of being able to join back in.

Oh well… Here’s to hoping they have this on some kind of future roadmap @343

Same here just sends me back to lobby