Rejoin in progress for Ranked if disconnected

Sorry, I dont have much to add other than hoping we can please have that option.
Lets just say, it would make disconnecting or game crashes less “rage inducing” imo.


From this article

  • Feedback: Many players would like a reconnect/rejoin or forfeit feature, especially for Ranked

We have a lot of things we’re working on to help mitigate player pain when a player quits or disconnects from a match in Ranked. While they won’t make the launch of Season 2, the integrity of Ranked matches is a priority area for us to continue iterating on to improve to ensure the best quality of matches possible.

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I would love a rejoin feature.

And while the game is 3v4 remove power weapons and equipment from the map to minimise the advantage of the stacked team.

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While I don’t think most quitters would rejoin, it would be nice if the option existed for disconnects and crashes.

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It’s being considered and probably worked on. But good to keep the feedback coming. While it probably only happens once every 20 matches for me on PC, -25 CSR is a big hit that takes time to recover from once you’re hovering around your peak.

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