Rejoin disconnected match feature

I’ve been really enjoying the game so far, but if there’s one thing i’d add it would be the ability to rejoin disconnected matches -
there have been so many games where either I or a teammate has disconnected with no way back in, and as a result, we have lost the match. A way to rejoin a match after being disconnected would be an absolute lifesaver and would make the game just that much more enjoyable
Other than that, the experience has been great : )


I would like to second this, I randomly crashed from a ranked game, with no way to rejoin and my team was forced to lose 4 v 3. I had plenty of time to rejoin but just had to sit on the sidelines and listen while they struggled against the odds.

Yes we need a re-join feature. It’s so annoying to be deranked because of game crashes and bugs.

I totally agree! Really annoying that this isn’t a thing yet.

Can’t believe this doesn’t exist in halo in 2021 yet, it existed on ps3 games back in 2007. Players need this feature, especially if the PC version is going to remain as unstable as it is.

Ranked games 1000000% need this feature.

I think this should be a compulsory feature for anyone that leaves a ranked match… Force them to join that game again… when that game is done, ban them as they deserve.