Rejoin Button in Ranked Matches

Hello, some minutes ago I was playing Halo Infinite Ranked Match. During overtime Halo crashed, I restarted the game but I couldn’t rejoin my match. Please add a rejoin button, at least in ranked, so if anyone experience the same issue can rejoin the match and try to still win it.


I’m glad this is slowly catching on.

The rejoin function already exists integrated into QP, it is absolutely bizarre and unforgivable that it wasn’t included as a Ranked feature.

Had a premade team where one teammate dropped and tried to reconnect (even though he tried desperately to). This came after a 6 game winning streak on his final placement match he was placed in low Gold when we all got high Plat. While he thoroughly enjoyed the game up to that point, this experience ruined it for him and he uninstalled.

Progression and monetization are not the big issues right now, quality of life features like this that most competitive titles have offered from 2009 up through 2021, already included in quick play, is the big issue.

Why this isn’t getting more traction, I have no idea.

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