Rejoin Button for Ranked

Since Halo Infinite’s release I have logged about 20 hours of gameplay. The game feels fluid, beautiful, and the mechanics feel strong and balanced. I love this game.

However in my time playing on PC I have encountered multiple game crashes that have resulted in me being banned from queuing in competitive play. I have been banned from playing 3 times now and the ban times have increased with each ban. Each time my game has crashed, I have noticed it happens whenever I am at a specific MMR, halfway through diamond 2. It has demoted me from that point about 4 times.

These game crashes and also a lack of a rejoin button not only negatively impacts my experience with Halo Infinite, but also the teammates I play with as well. Winning a 3 versus 4 scenario in ranked play is next to impossible and is a guaranteed loss for the team that lacks a full roster.

I understand this game is not finished yet and is still in beta, so crashes and bugs are to be expected, however a very easy fix to this issue could be a rejoin option for players that experience game crashes in ranked. I hope this feedback makes it to the devs! Thank you for an amazing game that I love to play.


This NEEDS to be a thing. It’s 2021!

The first ranked game with my friends I was so upset when my game failed to connect and gave an error but still showed that I was in the game with my friends and couldn’t join after relaunching.

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I agree. It is 2021. How is this not an option in a “Competitive” game? The game crashes (while my team is winning) and I have no recourse. Please address this.

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