Reinstalling drivers to get normal FPS


When I start my game after I turned off my PC once i get half the frames i should have(around 80). Then when i reinstall my GPU driver i get the fps i should get (around 150). This problem occurs every time when i reboot my pc so i have to reinstall my drivers every time i want to play Infinite which really annoys me. I already tried older driver versions but the problem stayed the same. Anyone knows what the problem might be?


The game performance is pretty bad in general. If you’re not getting high ping server connections or rubber banding, you get FPS drops and poor performance.

I’m sure it’ll be fixed at somepoint - even alt tabbing to my other monitor causes the game frames to plummet.

The problem is poor optimization. That’s really it. There were some drivers that went out that have a better time with Halo Infinite, maybe you downloaded those, but otherwise it just blows on all platforms that aren’t a Series X.

I’d suggest searching using your graphic card brand (AMD or Nvidia?) and ‘reinstall drivers every day’ and see whether any solutions come up that way.

If you want to add a post here with which Windows version and card you have, others on here may also be able to offer further advice.

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