Reinstalled and uninstalled.... sigh

Looking at the titles in the forum and it says it all. 343 isn’t creating a valuable gaming experience currently.
For me personally I am very frustrated by the 80+ latency servers constantly. Again 90 ms was attainable on really good dial up so 80 ms is horrid on any modern FPS on broadband. Why can’t you do better with matchmaking or giving us server filtering preference or functionality? Too much work? don’t care?

If you could allow us to play on more local servers I and many more would enjoy the game a lot more.
Why are there no west coast Azure servers, if that’s what you use? or why can’t you move away from them if that’s what you use?

I feel bad because I guarantee there are a ton of devs who worked extremely hard on this title and I can say many of them would and do side with us gamers. Sadly, I believe there are high ups in every organization who don’t care about the experience the consumer’s get but more about their bottom line. These are all businesses afterall.

Phil Spencer went on record saying we should respect and support our game devs and creators and I do. I really believe there are tons of people who worked hard on this title along with many others. I have friends who have pulled the 15+ hours before game launches and it’s truly unfair to them to have their hard work to be berated by a push to get something out before they want it released. That isn’t the creators or devs fault Phil, it’s the publishers. The publishers are the ones who want and need to get their returns on investment…now! (Quarter is coming up need to get this in for the shareholders!!!) I also understand the business economics and optics of saying we’ll have this done by xxx date.

So what can we do better?

Better community mods being interactive and willing to at least entertain the hard questions. Do our best to engage the community and find the biggest wins which can be fixed easily and communicate what is being done. Build a strategy around the bigger issues and communicate a game plan on how these issues are being considered and the challenges around them and how we can fix them.

Listen to the people making the game too, again I bet there are a lot of passionate individuals who want to make changes for the better, let them rise.