Reguarding Lowering Weapons in Halo 5

So I was messing around in custom games when I noticed that if you hold down on the d-pad, x and a at the same time, my weapon would disappear from my screen. However, when I went into theater mode, my weapon was still shown to be up. So I though about why 343 might not have added weapon lowering to Halo 5, and I came up with nothing to explain it.

Then I thought “Why not just add in weapon lowering, and map it to the left/down on the d-pad since that button does nothing?” I figured that this would be the best way to add in weapon lowering, and would be nice for machinema creators like rooster teeth, and also for enjoyment with casual players. I get that it may be difficult to add new features, but I really think that it would be worthwhile to add, and I see no negative side affects from adding weapon lowering.

What do you guys think?

It’d be cool just chillin in a warzone base with your weapon down. Yah it also would be great for machinima

Not critical for the general population, but huge for machinima creators.


Its a bug i believe it was confirmed that they were fixing it