Regret + other possible map Remixes

I have seen it said on this forum in multiple places that the map “Regret” is supposed to be a remix of the map “Truth” and that other maps in the game may have remixes.

What does this mean? They are remaking a remake and putting both remakes in the game??

I could not find clarification anywhere else on this.

Well, “Regret” is the same map as “Truth” , but with some changes. Truth is a remake of Midsip, and Regret is Truth, but with environmental elements.

Yeah, maybe other maps will have remixes, like Empire, like we’ve already seen, will have changes on the weather and the time

it looks like a trick to having more maps without having to completely design twice as many maps from the ground up. im okay with this, assuming there are a decent amount of “original” designs and that the “remixes” are not gimmicky.

If you watched “The Sprint” in the Halo Channel, it’ll explain a bit more about those maps.