Regret - Fall Preview Feedback

Please provide feedback on the Team Arena Fall Preview settings in this thread! To read up on the Team Arena Fall Preview playlist and find links to all other dedicated feedback threads, head here.

Over the past few months, we’ve been gathering your feedback on Arena map weapon layouts here on Waypoint, and we’ve made a variety of refresh updates to a select set of Arena map / game type combinations in Team Arena.

For Regret, the following changes have been made:

  • Replaced Needler with Storm Rifle at Bottom Nest - Replaced Storm Rifle with Scattershot at Tunnel - Moved BR’s from Blue/Red Ledge into Blue/Red Two - Placed Plasma Grenades on Blue/Red LedgeThank you! We look forward to hearing your feedback.

BR and stickies stand out as pretty fundamental changes, though the power weapon shifting will be fun to watch play out.

I don’t love the addition of the scattershot. Seems like it slows things down a lot. I’ve noticed people camping around the lower level with it quite a bit.

BR back in base can help defending a push.
Scatter can help break a setup but most teams with map control will have both weapons rotating base to base. It can help snowball the map even more then prevnt snowballing.

I would like to try a Recon DMR instead of the BR. I just feel the BR is too dominate against the pistol and can lead to even more snow-bally games then Regret already leads to.


I would like to try a Recon DMR instead of the BR. I just feel the BR is too dominate against the pistol and can lead to even more snow-bally games then Regret already leads to.


Thanks for the feedback everyone, keep it coming! I’ll be interested to hear what the feelings people have coming out of the weekend after they’ve had time to play, react, and get used to the new changes.

In particular, I’d love to hear what everyone feels regarding the lower part of the map. For those that have played a few games on it, how did you feel the Scattershot impacted the game? Did you see teams use it to turn the tide and counterattack, or to combat those with Overshield? Or did you see teams with control of Caster and OS use it to add to their dominance? How have you see the Storm Rifle used at its new location? Thanks!

I like pretty much all of these changes. I don’t know about the Scattershot, but we’ll see how it plays over time. Glad the Neddler is gone, it was very annoying on this map.

Can’t complain. The changes on this map are interesting and not too drastic. Having the BR’s in the back of the base allow for a team to fight back out of a spawn trap easier, and the scattershot gives a reason to be down low, and allows teams spawning in the tunnels a weapon to fight back with. Storm Rifle in P1 is also good.


Seriously, this is the one map for possibly the most iconic halo weapon to shine, don’t take that away

I’ll update when I get to play it more, but I feel like it’s worth mentioning that the whole reason the storm rifle went in tunnel to start with is that people complained about it being used too much. My impression is that Regret will always be pretty snowball-y, but swapping the BR to a DMR and ensuring that it’s in the base rather than on the ledge could probably help. The BR is so powerful on this map and it tends to favor the team on top due to the angles, despite the fact that the BR itself is inside the base.

There is no need for more than one power weapon on this map. The map is small and convoluted, the Scattershot is very unnecessary and doesn’t result in more fun or depth. Truth was ruined by this philosophy to stuff as many weapons on a map as possible, please don’t do it to Regret too. There is already enough weapons to combat the OS (teamshot, plasma pistol, storm rifle). The Scattershot is overkill. In every Halo game, there have been a couple maps which are mostly strictly BR/Pistol arenas, and that’s totally fine, it is not a flaw in the map. If anything, Regret adds to Halo 5’s variety by NOT having many power items on it.

Also, the Storm Rifle was perfect in Tunnel because it’s extremely powerful on Regret and players should have to go out of their way to grab it.

Scattershot is way too much. I agree with above post of this map has too many power weapons. Plasma caster, storm rifle, OV, plasma pistol, and scatter. Although before it was just 1 less , SR and plasma caster were on opposite sides so they balanced each other. Because let’s face it, nobody uses needler.

How about just leaving plasma caster and just SR and idk, something different but not game changing in tunnel. The whole point of putting scatter in tunnel was to stop the snowball effect but how can a team reach tunnel if they’re locked down? Just my thought

I think it is not a good idea with the scattershot :frowning:

i feel this map should go back to the version before this. scattershot isnt a good addition and the storm rifle placement is awkward. everything else is fine but i preferred the brs on the ledges. if anything i want the DMRs back

The switch with the needler and scattershot should go along wat to change the game pace. The needler was a great secretish weapon on this map!

Im loving this map the way it is right now.

I’m loving the changes. Will provide more feedback after playing it a bit more.

This map great but please, slayer only will be in slayer playlist, not in Arena

I love the maps