Region Locks

I understand wanting to open up region locks for players that can’t find games. But I also understand people (like me) who would rather wait 5 minutes to find a game on a nearby server with a good connection. Games with players from Australia and Mexico have such bad connections that it’s not even worth playing.

So here’s the solution: give us matchmaking search options. Let us choose to search by ping of less than 100ms. It would also be nice to search by players that are within our tank tier (if we’re all diamonds, we should not get matched up against 2 champions…yes that’s happened multiple times).

If if I could have those search options, I’d be thrilled. Then I’ll search and wait.

On on a side note, how is double team still not a playlist in this game yet? Been a playlist in every halo for a decade and now it’s just forgotten. They need this ASAP.

Did they allow us to do that in Halo 3? I could have sworn we had the option.

Yes we did. It’s not hard to do. Just like adding double team…

I think 343 said they would do this to Jimbo the other day. I hope so as playing impssible matches with considerable latency and being kicked as a result, causing me to lose csr unfairly and also get banned, is really making me consider quitting the game. Phantom bans for no reason booting me out of games is not on either 343. Sort your blam out. Oh and you owe me 30 csr for ffa.