Region lock removed

Since the region lock has been removed, matchmaking has been hell, Yeh I can find a game a Lot quicker. Definitely not worth the trade off though. Games are almost unplayable now, such a terrible delay, lag and disconnections that end in bans.
I’d like to see the region lock back, or at least an option, I can’t play competitively anymore and that’s why I play Ofcourse. Please fix this.

I agree , arena is totally -Yoinked!- up … Laggin all games … swat … Better don’t say about it

xD my life dude lag everywhere

Ffa is unplayable on us servers if you are eu. Region lock should be a choice, which i have heard from jimbo that 343 are looking into.

I couldnt find ffa games with Region lock … i think they shouldnt bring it back …

Everything working good on this end thanks 343 as it’s so much faster now finding games.

My only issue is the lag and that out would start out of nowhere and go away as soon as we win or lose the match.