REGION LOCK - High ping games is sadly making this game unplayable

For the love of god, please allow us to lock a region like we can in MCC. I have not been able to get a BTB match this morning that is under 180ms. All my challenges at the moment are BTB related which makes matters worse.

Playing 4v4 seems to give a slightly better chance of getting a local region game, played two 20ms games, BUT THEN, 260ms. I want to play this game sooooo bad but this is making it really damn hard.

I would much rather wait an extra few minutes to find a local region match than wasting 10/15 minutes in a 260ms laggy mess.

Please 343.


Yeah this has got to be included.

How they can think that high ping matches with all the problems and disadvantages that come with is acceptable is beyond comprehension. Especially when it is the MCC

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This was in my feedback back in July after the first flight. It should have the same network control that MCC has. The reason I quit playing Halo 5 after the first month was because I was tired of server locations determining my wins and losses.


Yep you were not the only person either to quit Halo 5 for that.

This game will suffer the same fate if they dont act

250ms is not playable and the threshold for what is considered a good connection must be lowered.

Australia is not a small community, we have a huge community of players.

The MAJORITY of my games are 180-250ms.
I have accepted that I will never have an enjoyable BTB match with a ping under 100. It hasn’t happened a single time since launch. So I will not queue for it anymore.

80-90% of my quickplay matches are over 100ms.
I can reluctantly deal with 90ms, which are SEA servers, but anything more is atrocious and makes me want to stop playing.

I have no confidence it will ever be addressed, as the focus
of 343 is feedback from NA players, and their concerns.
Smaller regions simply won’t be heard, and the issue of region selection is not noticed whatsoever. Just look at the posts claiming to consolidate all major feedback. No mention of being forced into 250ms games in any of them.

We have to be loud about this or the oceanic region WILL die.

Please create threads about this, all day. Be loud about it and help us be heard.


Region Selection absolutely needs to be added ASAP, a competitive game without it looks dumb. It should be a priority.

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editing host file to lock to OCE servers has solved my issue and I can enjoy the game now.

really a shame to have to do this, and I bet they patch it out somehow to screw us over again.

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