Region Lock/Choice/Server selection to be added?

I would like to say I am enjoying the game so far, there seems to be far too much negative chat thrown around without much praise, I think if it is to be criticised then it should be valid with points on how to fix the issue.

With all that being said, with this game missing region locking or a server selector it plays a dangerous game with many impatient players who are not based in the US. I am based in OCE/AUS and routinely get placed in BTB US games, fortunately, less of a problem in 4s quick play and ranked (still happens now and again).

I personally played on US pings through MCC and Halo 5 for a long time simply putting up with it, but once they added region lock I was finally able to really enjoy the game. I obviously can’t speak for the entire community outside the US however, literally every single Australian/NZ player I have ever played with on a US server so far has made the exact same comment/critism.

Region lock needs to be added, and sooner than the time it took for it to reach MCC and H5.


Yeah bro same from NZ here. I guessing that its because its just a beta and they have region lock on MCC so hopefully they will add it to Infinite. As it stands right now, 4v4 aint that bad you get placed in a US server every so often with like 150ms ping but BTB is just always US/EU servers with ping over 200ms lol

Not touching BTB until its region locked to be honest.

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Yeah, probably clocked 20 + BTB and had 4 Aus games… I’m hoping its just cause the BETA too, maybe just copium…