Regicide has Gat to go (343 please read)

First of just wanted to say that i am loving halo 4 (kinda) so far. from the way it flows in game play to the weapons, to the sound, to the way the game actually feels like i am in control of a Spartan (finally). This was what i thought halo reach was going to be.
To the point!!! Please make a title update for a normal FFA play list. i am sick and tired of playing regicide. >_< it is the most frustrating thing ever. normally i would playing something else when a game type (teammates or wanna be pros) frustrates me, but that game type was FFA and it is not here.
Do not get me wrong Regicide is awesome… in the sense that it should be in a social play list similar to rumble pit in halo 3 (bring back lone Wolf). just like head hunter in reach this is fun occasionally but right now you are forcing me to play it and it is sooo…jshajdskadsjah!!! i mean you can call me king or god or w/e but who on earth wants a way point showing were they are at all times. i like the chaos of FFA and the idea of rising to be the best but Regicide just puts the whole world against you. i am good but i ain’t not Tsquared. you can not imagine how annoying it is to get jumped and manage to turn the tide of the fight just to have 4 desperate for point -yoinks- interrupting and then taking you out and having to watch as the clean up that kill that was yours. You have no idea how frustrating it is to happen to get away from every one chasing you just to end up in top middle on haven and being ambushed from all four sides plus a lift. it is not fun to spend half your time hiding instead of getting killed. even if you try hard not to touch a king and just take the normal people, eventually you still end up being kind… there is no escape. I feel i can talk for other when i say this but this game type dampens your ability to perform.
All that i beg for is just a regular FFA option…and please take complex out of FFA or at least change the spawn to nothing but indoors. regicide on that could make someone choke a kitten… and i love kittens…

Ohhh! no… i am selfish and i do not want to play for halo, playing halo is me playing for halo i want FFA cause i want to test my skill against better players. i want to get better so i can destroy someone i kno (it is a quest for vengeance). but on a serious not your article does not really apply to me because i could care less if i loose then i kno i loose. i could care less if someone kill steals… this is FFA. it is just common 1/2 the ppl are better than me so why give them a handicap of knowing where i am. when i play NOOBs i win but against good players i think normal FFA regulations would suffice