Regicide - Complex opinion

I have a very bad opinion about this map. I’ll explain it through describing the usual match that takes place on it.

All the DMR players sit in it’s north and northeast open corners of the map, where they usually go berserk for the sniper. They occasionally also use the jet pack to fly on the roofs, where they basically shoot you across the map.

While the DMR users sit there and wait for an easy kill, the other players are basically boltshoting each other in the east building’s corridors. I’m one of them.

I don’t like this map. Whats your opinion about it, in Regicide?

It’s my favorite map in Regicide. My play style is to sit back and pick people off so naturally this map suits me, it’s a shame that it doesn’t get picked more.

I’d first like to point out that regicide is a terrible game type.

Now that that’s out of the way, complex is a pile of -Yoink- as well.

I’d also like to point out that you explained what is wrong with this game in a whopping sentence. Congratz to you good sir

complex is by far the worst map for regicide


> complex is by far the worst map for regicide

Agreed. Complex is great for sniping with it’s large open spaces, and cover spread out along the edges of the map. It’s awful for regicide. The best games of regicide are on small maps where camping is almost non-existant. Haven works great for it with the lack of power weapons. It’s quite rare to see a binary rifle or incendiary cannon spawn. Almost all the time it’s br’s and ar’s. Great for assists.

Spawns are also terrible on complex, I’ve been in some games where the same guy spawns in the same location 4 or 5 times in a row, and I just have to sit back far away and dmr him over and over. Get the sniper with camo and sit on the top of one of the buildings and take shots at your leisure. Incredibly boring for free for all.

Regicide forces those who can’t do well against dmr on the roof to go inside and get killed by boltshot, when Halo 4 came i was like “Wow this map is awesome” but it is worse than Ragnarok in my opinion. Complex should be added in BTB with Warthogs and maybe i will love that map someday.

Why it’s in the playlist, I’ll never know.

The bigger puzzle is why anyone ever votes for it.

> Why it’s in the playlist, I’ll never know.
> The bigger puzzle is why anyone ever votes for it.

When it gets voted for I either try it for a minute or two or I just quit out. Only one game of regicide on complex ever went well.

Some people hate Haven but I vote for it very chance I can. It’s the smallest of all the maps and has the fewest power weapons on start. I mean the only power weapons at the start are the sticky detonaor, needler, and scattershot.

I actually enjoy Regicide, I find it a great way to play when none of my friends or clanmates are on.

> complex is by far the worst map for regicide

Don’t you mean, “worst map in the entire game?”

the maps terrible in regicide, i leave every game, im trying to get the Excecutioner commendation for king assassinations, hard as hell