Regen field medal!!!!!

Today i came across two situations where i felt like i deserved a medal for saving my teammates today and also my thoughts on the regen field and how it could be more usefull. One situation was when my mate was in a dmr battle unfortunatly he was losing and started to hide behind a rock like a true spartan. And he wad looking so sad waiting for his shields to come back so i decided to help him out. The real sad part is that i watched him have a dmr duel without jumping in to help him but i made up for it by saving him and so he could kill his enemy who was one shot( i should of took the kill).

Another situation was in oddball on haven. I was like gronkowski and the ball carrier was like wes welker. I saved him atleast 5 times so he could be MVP(halo 4 doesnt have mvp) and everytime i took a grenade for him and use my regen field i could imagine the anouncer guy sayin “Medic” but i think he should say it only if the person who your reviving shields are low that way it could be a commendation also(in halo 5).

And the regen field should be able to work on vehicle’s since they pretty much worthless in halo 4. But the person who has the regen field has to get out in order to heal the vehicle pretty much like the engineer on Battlefield 3. I just hope the castle map pack is alot more vehicle friendly than the big team maps we have now give us a map as big as sandtrap or bigger.

sidenote anybody else notice you cant go under water like in the previous halo games???