Regarding the next patch/playlist update.

I’ll try to keep it simple and short since some people can’t be bothered to read.
These are just my opinions and suggestions, you are free to disagree and suggest your own ideas how to improve matchmaking in the next playlist update.

Matching Parties against parties.
Search should prioritize search so fully party tries to first get matched against another party, instead of team of players who search alone? Why? Most of the time these parties are competitive players, who’ll easily dominate a team that doesn’t communicate or really give an attempt to play as a team. Competitives probably want this just as much as people who search alone, since uneven games just turn into quit fest and total annihilation.

Big Team Playlist/Maps
I’m really digging the infinity slayer, it’s surprisingly fun, but what I’m not big fan of, is that every maps seems to be a “Heavies” variant of the map. There are way too many vehicles at certain maps which makes it feel like Heavy variants of the maps from Halo 3.

Exile has Gauss, Scorpion, Banshee and I believe 2 ghosts per team, Ragnarok has 2 Mantises, 2 Banshees and Warthog and Ghost…In 5v5 playlists too? I understand some people love vehicle combat, and heavy vehicles, but what I’ve always loved about BTB, is balance between Infantry and Vehicle combat. Sure, ordance provides a counter to vehicles, assuming you won’t get a needler, concussion rifle and speed boost as your drop. Also, Warthog seems underused once again thanks to amount of heavy vehicles in the map.

In addition to seperating BTB heavy and normal, I’d like to see some objective gametypes in Big Team Battle as well.

Weapon spawns on map
I can’t be the only one who has ran out of ammo and noticed there is no weapon to be found? I think placing few extra Rifles to maps wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Overall, I’ve loved the game, it’s so good to finally play a good Halo game after 5 years. I think I can put Halo 3 down to rest now.

Please suggest your own ideas/fixes for the next update and let’s hope 343i will hear us.

-Matchmaking, Prioritize searches to Party vs Party, Randoms vs Randoms.
-In Big Team Battle, Divide BTB Infinity Slayer to BTB Heavies and Normal Infinity Slayer, Throw in Objective gametypes to BTB.
-Place few extra drops on the maps so the players aren’t completely dependant on their ordance drops.