regarding the halo 4 portal/10thterminal/espn

what im about to show maybe old news but i thought it’s worth bringing it up anyway its quite interesting, on the halo 4 portal there is a monitor screen and after a while it begins to show activity.

Heres what it shows

the same activity shows at the beginning of the 10th Terminal in Halo CEA it also has the same series of numbers that appear.

and the text that appears along the left side some of the terminal is the text that appears in the ESPN ad which is

!diag proc 10
probe terminal proc 10
rogue proc 10
proc 7 8 9
linvntry terminal
thanksshk terminal
!attach act drop
38XUI¶¶ aos . 299 .
clean !splotch control
!bite rogue pro 1 recurse
§200 sdkue
94. ssdd a s--------

Terminal 10

Interesting find. Wonder what it’s all about

Well, terminal 10 is the one that shows a direct reference to the Didact. Quite i teresting… quite a mystery.