Regarding the copying of maps from Reach to Anniversary

I was wondering as to how many times we’ll be able to copy the maps from Reach so that they work with Anniversary. Will we only be able to do it once per Reach disc, once per Anniversary disc or multiple times?

Secondly, once the maps have been moved from Reach to Anniversary, will they still be usable on Reach? Or will I be forced to use Anniversary to play, Sword Base, for example.

To relate my question to a situation, will I be able to copy the Reach maps to Anniversary, then give my Reach disk away, still able to use all the Reach maps.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Let’s put it this way, Halo Anniversary is like the Halo 3 ODST packaging, except the Anniversary Campaign and the Reach Multiplayer are on the same disc (and comes only with the Anniversary map pack), so you don’t have to swap discs to play the multiplayer. I wouldn’t suggest giving away your Reach game though, because there’s a chance that you might not be able to play the Reach maps on the Anniversary disc (including the Noble and Defiant map packs). But there’s a chance you can play the Reach maps on the Anniversary disc without a problem. So don’t worry about copying all the maps onto the other disc, because they will probably already be there for you.

Guys, Anniversary will have its own maps, end of story. 343 didn’t say anything about Reach maps being in there, so until they do, nothing is confirmed.