Regarding Swat (Tactical Slayer)

While you may experience some bumps and bugs during this beta period, it does mark the official start of Halo Infinite Season 1, with all day-one maps and modes enabled as well as the full Season 1 Battle Pass.

As far as I’m aware, what we currently have is what there will be on release. There won’t be any new modes or maps or playlists come December 8th.

Swat is never going to be a dead playlist because the community is huge around it.

They had 250K players at launch and have around 150K these days. I don’t think there is an issue with players, but that will quickly change if they continue going in the direction they’re going. 343 is already re-evaluating the progression mechanic because of backlash.

To address this comment, as I said above, 343 has changed their direction due to our feedback. This is great and concerning at the same time. Great because it’s nice that they are willing to listen to the experienced fans when we tell them what we want and how we like it, but it is concerning because there are a lot of things that should’ve been designed and made better from Day 1 but that wasn’t the case as you can see on the forums.

I know the general public aren’t great game designers, but man, I can’t help but feel that they dropped the ball on so many things. I’m willing to stick it out a little longer and hope the game turns into the thing we’ve all been waiting for.


We absolutely need a permanent SWAT mode, I met my wife on Halo Reach Swat years ago and it has been our go to gametype ever since.

Once Infinite dropped we were so pumped only to find out its not available yet, I knew they would add it down the line but hearing the gametype is tied to a limited time event is a really disappointing. Feels like it killed our momentum and excitement for the game as a whole.

I myself have kept playing and grinding along because I have been a die hard fan since Halo 2 but my wife on the other hand has probably played maybe a dozen games and 80% of those were Fiesta, our other favourite causal mode which is also locked to a limited time event.

So now both our favourite competitve and casual modes are locked to limited time, which is not player friendly. It makes people miss out on all the fun times we could be having everytime players jump online.

Halo, a game with a huge foundation and dedicated community, should have structure not schedules.


Totally agree with this. SWAT is the favorite mode of all my Halo buddies and we’re all sorely missing it in Infinite.


Even before a discussion regarding SWAT begins, there is a larger issue which needs to be addressed.

Many players, myself included have been voicing our disappointment over the sensitivity issues with controller, which seemly have gone unheard. This is not an issue which affects mouse users.

Even with 5 acceleration, max sensitivity and smallest deadzones, the aiming and turn speed is way too slow for a significant amount of players, noticeably slower than every single other Halo game.

If players can have a very fast turn speed using mouse, why are we severely limited on controller? This was never an issue before.

I’ve always been onyx or higher, but that definitely won’t happen with these slow controls, I won’t enjoy the game mode in Infinite’s current state. Controller players will also easily be destroyed by mouse, which also cannot be turned off due to no crossplay toggle.

Something seems really off about how 343 are going about this. Why is it that Tactical slayer (aka swat) is available when playing offline, but not online? Like I just set steam offline and played a customs bot match with swat yet its not there back in online mode.

Its one thing for matchmaking to not feature all available game modes, but why is it disabled and hidden from custom games right now, when its literally present in the game files? Really not filling me with confidence.

The players want specific playlists like the mcc has.

Locking game modes behind bimonthly events is very anti player and anti fun.

Players who have only challenges to capture flags aren’t incentivized to play any other game mode and can just afk through those matches or quit.

Challenges need to be non game mode specific and we need to be able to select game modes.


A swat mode that is a temporary event and no ranked swat mode is insulting.


We need swat. It’s such a fun gamemode and ranked swat on Halo 5 was actually so fun. MCC swat is also still popping.


For a game that really advertised free choice and expression, this is the most curated linear experience I have ever had with a MP game. Yeah the gameplay is top-tier, but if this really is what it is going to be like… I don’t see myself sticking around to see another battle pass let alone buy one.


Totally agree. This is really just the tip of the iceberg, though. If they’re going to only include fan favorites (SWAT, infection, fiesta, etc) as events AND still have the terrible 3 option matchmaking system they have now, I’m not going to last very long on this game… as sad as that is.

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I’ve played Halo for the last 14 years. I love the game a ton and as someone that does not play a ton of SWAT and more so has a casual approach to it, I believe that excluding the game mode is leaving a huge portion of the fan base out in the cold. It’s a great game mode that’s beloved by so many. Put it in 343 and allow the players some choice in how they interact with this amazing game you’ve created!


SWAT? … event
Fiesta? … event
Grifball? … event
Infection? … event
Action Sack? … event
Race? … event
King of the Hill? … event
Juggernaut? … event
Brute Slayer? … event

And so on.


Been playing Halo for 15 years (12 online), not a great fan of swat but it is a sin to exclude so many classic and fan fave modes and put it behind limited time wall. They really need to change things on this playlist fiasco cause it wlll be crusial for game lifetime. Just hope some modes don´t get Multi-team treatment, which has not come back in a really long time.


For me, Swat has always been a ‘sometimes’ snack.

I love it and it’s a great game mode to play a few games quickly, but I just always tried a lot harder in other modes.

That being said, it was my highest ranking mode in Halo 5: Guardians and a surprising number of my friends claim it’s their absolute favorite.

Most of them do, now that I think about it.

Swat is special. It deserves a place as a permanent playlist - along with several other modes.

It is a bit odd that it’s been elected to rotate as a playlist rather than being a staple.

It’s a ‘sometimes’ snack for me, but it’s kind of lame to open the fridge and not have that delicious headshot mode waiting.

Bring it back. Make it last.


I am quite a recent fan of Swat, having first played it this year because I joined a group of players that mostly love playing that playlist and I’m not gonna lie, we have been really saddened when we didn’t see Swat and Infection in the beta.
I really hope 343 will make those playlist available all time and not only when associated with an event because it’s really infuriating. Nothing stop those playlists to be available all time but still be associated to an event so we focus our attention to it for the duration of the event.


Im a huge fan of swat and have been for as long as its been around, i was high diamond in halo 5 on my main account and am incredibly saddened by infinites lack of ranked swat as me and the whole squad (something like 2 fireteams (8 people) were ready to day one try for onyx swat. Please 343i im begging you give me ranked swat, as the saying goes i dont want a lot for christmas, there is just one thing i need, and thats is ranked swat for me and the bois


Coming from a long time swat player, launching without swat in a permanent playlist is going to cripple a whole community of players. One of your hcs partners (Swat Nation” is a swat based community that holds regular tournaments. It would cripple them as well. Not being able to play swat as a permanent playlist will turn off an entire community of people until it is added. I can speak to this being true because I have been a part of the swat community since 2008. 343 really needs to reconsider adding swat to a permanent (preferably ranked) playlist as soon as possible.


343 needs to get their heads of of their behind and deliver on their promises leading up to the release.

If they told us what we would be getting the community would have torn them to shreds but they are beating around the bush to crap out content that they think will tied us over for 9
Months until we get forge other features.


I’m posting here in support of a SWAT playlist, but also for more playlists in general. Where’s our Team Snipers? Rumble Pit? Duos? Christ, there’s not even a Team Slayer hopper! Need a TS Pro list too.

I don’t really give a sh*t about xp- the ability to select the type of game I want to play is paramount. I doubt I’m alone.

I refuse to believe that this is the long term plan, and still think the playlists will show up on or before “Launch”. Please don’t prove me wrong.


1000% agree. It’s ridiculous that core Halo modes are not only missing but now 343 is treating them as special events. I’ve gone back to the MCC because of the lack of modes and dedicated playlists.