Regarding Swat (Tactical Slayer)

I’m a big fan of Swat. I’ve been playing since Halo 3, 50-high. Swat has its own unique community built around it. There are tournaments and teams and it is a refreshing game-type that is different from the rest.

I was a little disheartened when Swat wasn’t available in the Beta. Now, I’m hearing that “Tactical Slayer” (aka, Swat) will be released as a limited event, similar to Fiesta.

I think this is a terrible idea and urge 343 to reconsider. I’ve been having fun playing ranked here and there but with the progression and customization the way it is right now, I don’t find myself coming back to the game often. I was really looking forward to playing Swat and now it looks like it won’t be in the game as a permanent game-type. I’ll just go back to MCC Swat, but that isn’t even that enjoyable because there is no Ranked Swat. The whole situation is a major buzzkill and I am taking the time to write this because I’m a long-time Halo fan and care about the game. I even made a post on the old forums asking “What will Swat look like in Infinite” that I wish I could link but I don’t think we can see those old posts yet. People were so sure that there would be Ranked Swat in Infinite but now I’m not so sure.

Please include Ranked Swat. There is an entire community out there and we’ve been waiting for this for a while. I just wanted to voice my opinion about this. Thanks for reading.

EDIT: Dec 3rd, 2021
Via John Junyszek’s (Community Manager at 343) Twitter:

"Let’s talk about Halo Infinite playlists! We’ve been reading your feedback, and we’re working on plans to add Fiesta, Tactical Slayer (SWAT), and Free-For-All playlists as we speak. They won’t land by Dec 8, but the team is pushing to get them in before the end of year. :fist: "

" Our goal for Events is to try new modes prior to adding to playlists. We’ll monitor playlist health after the 3 additions above and adjust our offering if needed, but we’re excited to make these updates before the holidays. This is just the start of the conversation with y’all :+1:"

“A Social Slayer playlist (with multiple variations) is also in the works (we see this request the most), but we won’t be able to get that one ready until after the holidays. We hope you can understand and enjoy the ones that make it in before the team takes a well-deserved break!”

Link to Tweet: twitter. com/Unyshek/status/1466858751722352643

Edit 2: December 11, 2021
Swat will be coming December 14! Ske7ch made on a post on Reddit.
https:// www.reddit. com/r/halo/comments/re5kdv/playlist_update/

" I’m happy to report that a Slayer playlist is officially locked and loaded for the update next week . Four new playlists: Slayer, Fiesta, FFA, and Tactical Slayer (SWAT) will all be added via a services update on Tuesday, Dec. 14 ."


It’s really concerning that don’t even have a dedicated Slayer playlist & now they’re probably going to drip-feed us popular legacy modes in timed events & remove them, it’s just terrible design.


My heart is telling me the reason for limited ranked playlists is to properly test their new system as much as possible (which was needed as it isn’t working well) and to determine the difference between input methods. As it stands, there needs to be 3 playlists for every 1 ranked playlist. I imagine they wanted to approach this with some caution.

I’m sure we will see new ranked playlists soon with Slayer and SWAT hopefully top of the list.


I look at it this way. 343 has until Wednesday to clarify all of the issues with playlists, the progression system, the battle pass, and the store before the community starts an absolute riot against them. They got a break for Thanksgiving but will receive a renewed attack this week.


This is legitimately my biggest fear with this game, moreso than microtransactions and such. If they only let us choose quickplay with a few game modes and bring in all the popular classics as limited time event modes, I can guarantee that a lot of people will simply stop playing the multiplayer and go back to MCC or whatever other game is popular right now. I can’t imagine a world where the first new Halo game after like 7 years does not have a swat, infection, slayer, etc playlist that you can just queue at anytime.


There is actually a HUGE community built around swat. Since there’s no swat right now, most of this community is still playing halo5 since they have it ranked there. I’m pretty burnt out on objective team arena and I prefer to only play ranked playlists, so I’m considering going back to halo5 until infinite gets more ranked variety.

I see that tactical Slayer is set to be released behind an event in early 2022, but it doesn’t seem to tell us if it will be ranked. Also you can’t block an extremely sought after playlist like that with an event and then cycle it out. There’s going to be a lot of backlash if that happens.

Please give us some core ranked playlists: arena, slayer, swat/tactical Slayer, snipers, FFA, infection, comp 2s, etc. Cycle out seasonal playlists with your events, but leave the core playlists alone. Update halo waypoint to give us stats on matches instead of stats on the useless battle pass.

Thank you.


I agree 100%. My biggest complaint with Infinite thus far is the lack of ranked playlists. I’ve never been one who enjoys sticking to 1 single playlist, I’ve always enjoyed playing pretty much all the ranked offerings and grinding the ranks as high as I could, and have also never enjoyed Social. Seeing these modes like SWAT and FFA only mentioned as a limited time event playlists, is extremely disheartening. I know many games have 1 singular ranked list and everything else is social, and that’s also a big reason why no other game has kept my attention quite like Halo, I’ve always loved the variety when it came to ranked playlists and I’m going to be beyond disgusted if Infinite keeps this barebones approach to ranked. Please at a bare minimum give us permanent ranked Slayer, SWAT, FFA, Doubles, and Snipers playlists…


I am Honestly Very Disappointed that they give us multiplayer call it a beta and then when the release date comes nothing new happens to it? what about fixing the steam aim assist bug? cuts out half the time, i expected way more base content for the game, 7 years to develop an Arena Shooter with like 6 maps is pathetic, ive been around from 2001 loving the series as much as possible threw the last few years, Ranked open squads of 4 but cant play controller only with the homies in a squad of 4 unless we play open… like damn off, this game is a mess RN. i love halo but so many issues with the “beta” LOL Beta 7 years for a BETA


this is what’s literally gonna make or break the game… I am also awaiting a Swat playlist and if its an lte mode,my xbox will be collecting dust or I’ll just go back to MCC


As someone who is both a big fan of Swat and Fiesta… this is soo annoying. like if they REALLY want to make it limited… then keep the gamemodes post launch and just remove the points for playing them from said event, simple as that. i really do love these gamemodes for the skill and chaos, but them being limited time is dissheartening… as i know once the event is over, i ain’t gunna be able to play them again unless another event is made with them. such iconic modes being limited timed… yeah i know rotations are a thing, but Swat was never apart of that
also tactical slayer? making the gamemode name sound different and unique… just call it swat, 343. it’s the iconic name and makes sense. tactical slayer just sounds like slayer, but with precision weapons about, akin to precision slayer in MCC.


Extremely disappointed that SWAT is not a permanent playlist (either ranked or social…or better yet both!)

And if it is a timed event I will be even more upset. This same thing happened in MCC and H5. We hated it then and we hate it now.

I honestly cannot wrap my brain around the reasoning behind these decisions.


I can’t believe 343 hasn’t learned their lesson after botching the launches of multiple games now by not having enough playlists and game modes. And as the community is loving to point out, it’s not like we were hurting for players on day one. However, by the time they make enough playlists we might be severely hurting for players as they drove everyone away.


or better plan we get an update to this when it happens

patience is key here not this threathing behavior


It’s frustrating when we see the same pattern.

  1. Release game with limited playlists
  2. Players get angry
  3. Add requested playlists temporarily and then remove them
  4. Players get angry
  5. Eventually put requested games modes on a permanent playlist
  6. Players happy

It’s baffling on why they would make the same decision on what appears to be a mistake.

We just want transparency. Are these modes still being developed and tested? Are you load testing servers? Do you have a roll-out strategy tied to some other objective?


exactly,I’m only here for swat,i even bought an xbox so i could relive my swat days from H3,i could care less about anything else,Without it I’ll just go back to COD since its basically the same thing playing hardcore


It’s sad to see something so simple get botched constantly.


What threatening behavior? I’m stating a point on my perception. I’ve been waiting six years for this game, through TWO delays and they still release a game with subpar systems supporting it.

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Don’t get me wrong, I like regular Slayer and BTB. But I’d rather play casual Fiesta (H5 Fiesta rocks) or hardcore SWAT. Dedicated playlists are a must. ASAP. But I’m also slightly concerned we now only have BR-Sidekick SWAT. Which is great…but can I just have my DMR back too?

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Do you have any source on this because it doesn’t sound very logical. I can imagine them restricting playlists during the beta period to test and improve matchmaking but ultimately there is no reason to not have a bulk of playlists when the game is live and a big community is playing it.

I guess what you always want to prevent is having “dead” playlists (RIP H5 breakout) but I can’t imagine them having that issue hearing the numbers they are pulling currently.

I’m really hoping December 8th will also have a MP update with some playlists and adding the campaign sandbox to fiesta/custom games.

If not then we’ll set up a discord and make sure we can play the game as we want :smile:


Makes you wonder if they’re doing this because the population might be low…