Regarding Super Jackpot Week/Weekends...

This is just a suggestion for 343 if they do decide to continue on with Super Jackpot Weekends or something in a similar manner.

I would like to simply suggest that you make it so luck doesn’t play a huge part in the Super Jackpots - Currently, during the Super Jackpot week, I have only received the Jackpot ONCE after playing over 50-60 games roughly from Friday - Monday.

Meanwhile, my friends get it within TWO Games on Score Attack and don’t even bother with it.

I am going to ask, make it so you have to play a certain amount of games or do something inside that playlist to be awarded the Super Jackpot, as of now, luck plays a huge part and sometimes, luck isn’t on our side.

Bungie likes randomness. DMR bloom shows this. Bungie is like robin hood except that nerf the beast and give to the -Yoink-. What is the best way to limit good people? Make whether their shots hit or not random? When you give away jackpots…why would you want someone to be rewarded for playing time? It doesn’t make sense so bungie likes it.