Regarding Killtimes

Take a look at that image. I can almost guarantee that Halo 5 killtimes are around Halo 4 killtimes, not faster than what H3 or H2 had.

The only problem with killtimes in Halo 5 that I see is the Automatics, simply because they get bonus damage for getting headshots.

I’d like to see how the automatics perform with the headshot bonus damage removed

Otherwise I feel like Halo 5 is really solid with it’s killtimes, and very balanced for the most part, props to 343 and the Pro Team watching over multiplayer

I agree. Autos need to be tweaked (I.e. No accuracy buff when scoped, headshot damage etc.)

I agree that the killtimes don’t feel nearly as fast as some people are making them out to be. What’s important is that the difference between a perfect kill and an imperfect kill (i.e. 4 shot vs 7 shot) is larger, which means there’s a larger skill gap.

I’m waiting for some numbers to pop up for comparison sake.

As I said in the previous thread, Ill need to do some customs to be sure but it der feels like the br and dmr fire faster than before.

Wait, when did 343 tell us that automatics have bonus headshot damage? This is probably one of the resons for dying blindingly fast, and it’s ridiculous. Remove it please if it is true.