Regarding Halo 5 Beta's readiness compared to MCC

Regarding Halo 5 beta’s launch readiness compared to the MCC; I want to begin by explaining for those who don’t know that there are different production teams creating both games seperately, of course with some overlap. It’s not just like this with gaming; many forms of entertainment go through this process. Especially in the movies. Watch the making of the LOTR and Hobbit trilogies for a real in-depth look at what these production companies go through. There are so many different teams focusing on so many different aspects of the whole project. In 343’s case, I believe it was stated by an employee that more focus is being given to Halo 5’s production at the moment within the team making it as opposed to the MCC. I don’t know what their reasons are for that (maybe it has to do with the fact that 343 is in charge of making two games, two experiences as opposed to one, like in a movie so it would make sense that they have limited resources), but I hope 343 continues to up their game and that we have a completely functioning MCC soon. I’m having so much fun with it already when I can. Thank you, 343, for continuing to improve our experience and thank you to the Halo community for sticking with 343 through all of this. It really shows how strong our community and culture is when we continue to do so in positive ways. Continue to explore a better experience with a level-head and a positive attitude and we will only grow as a cultural force in entertainment and in the world.

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