Regarding Cross Core: The Endgame in Fashion

I’m making this thread because I want to gauge the community’s overall ideas and expectations on the future of cross core offerings.

Anyone with a sense of style and fashion can tell you that being able to look good on the battlefield is sometimes just as important as playing well. And whether that’s personalization of aspects like emblems, player cards, or more tangible things in game, a sense of identity, no matter how little, is vital to your presence of self.

We saw this with visors, and very few, select helmet attachments. (can I get a silent prayer for EOD bootlegs?) A paltry addition, to be sure, but a decent first step. But what else can be done? And to what extent?

An example I want to touch on is the Wolf Fang chest attachment for the Rakshasa. It was a capstone reward, but it was only for Rakshasa. Useless for anyone that didn’t buy the pass and get the core itself. But if it was say, available for Mk.VII or the Mk.V[B], I think there would be more incentive to try to earn it. Capstone cosmetics should be available across the board for all cores, much like visors are now.

We know the coatings are next; but what are you personally hoping for in the future? Helmets, gloves, wrist/utility attachments? What should they prioritize next?

If it was up to me, there would be no armor cores. Infinite was originally supposed to be a hero shooter, once that idea was scrapped, the armor core idea should have been scrapped along with it.

This is a classic case of don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Everything should be cross core like every other halo game we’ve had the past 21 years.

At the very least any paid cosmetics or weekly ult rewards should be prioritized next for cross core.

Is that why they have cores? I’d never put that together.

I personally don’t hate the cores, and I don’t really care about mixing and matching. I do hate paying for colours, and I definitely hate paying for the same colour twice (I’ve only bought one coating ever).

I agree that Ultimate rewards should be cross core.

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