Regarding Colors: Primary/Secondary (Tertiary?)

So, as you know, in both Halo 5 and Halo 4, the upper part of your spartan’s undersuit is the same color as your primary. This did not apply to Campaign spartans for some reason. Although it seems to now in H5.

There are multiple screenshots like this one that show Chief with that upper section of the undersuit in the secondary color. Can’t quite tell if blue team follows the same pattern as the chief with the coloring on the undersuit. Is there going to be an option as to whether your upper-undersuit matches your primary or secondary? Or is it its own 3rd color option? If so, then people who like the all black undersuit can finally have that again by making your secondary black, or by making the third independent color black, depending on what the situation is. I personally think having the secondary instead of the primary on the upper part of the undersuit looks better, as you have a contrast between colors that makes the undersuit stand out from primary color of the armor over it. Something that kind of urked me about the H4 armor design. Although it it didn’t really bother me much these days.

The multiplayer spartans have the upper-suit still matching the primary. So either the campaign spartans have a unique coloring scheme, or there is in fact a 3rd color, and it is just a decision by 343 to have it match the primary for the multiplayer teams, so we just happen to not be seeing that 3rd color stand in matchmaking. I know this may seem like an odd topic to make, but the balancing of a spartan’s colors has always been important to me for some reason. Which is why I hated that Reach’s helmets(mostly) and Chest pieces, as well as the upper legs, were devoid of secondary color. The imbalance hurts me so.

This link here shows a bunch of the Spartans in Campaign and multiplayer and you can kind of see what im talking about. The color difference i noticed on chief applies to seems to apply to at least some of the other campaign spartans.