Regain host in the middle of a game?

I’m currently doing LASO and my other teammate is afk, but afk or not I’m doing the work and in the middle of the game it black screened and gave him host. Any way of getting host back? How should I trigger it?

AFAIK that’s not possible. The game decided your friend’s host is more stable or more desirable so it shifted. The game doesn’t really care who is doing most of the work or not.

Do you think that if he begins to use a large amount of data, lets say YouTube on his computer, it might revert?

I have absolutely no idea. The theory sounds good, why don’t you try it?

YouTube videos didn’t work. He loaded 7, no effect, however it stabilized a bit later and it lagged for me when his videos were up.

It Gould be interesting to experiment with lag, connections and all in campaign.