I am sick to death of dealing with this broken game. Broken achievements, broken matchmaking, broken save points, broken load points this game is in so many pieces no wonder the box art is the way it is. I am sick to death of speaking to Xbox support where they are useless and telling me to check this page.
People deserve a refund for a game that was CLEARLY not ready to be shipped yet was advertised like it was. £45 out of my pocket when i should have just gone to the store purchased the game find out it was broken then return it without having to deal with this crap.

I am absolutely disgusted consumers are treated this way, this is shoddy business practice and not a way a company should behave.

Speaking to MS they claim 343 need to give approval to process refunds for the game. Make it happen.

I am not no so worried about a refund as they will fix the problem…but maybe in the mean time they could buy us a working game to fill the void or as at least to apologize for us spending are hard earned money on it, And yes they worked hard too but they should have held off on releasing it until it was ready…thats my thoughts anyway

I don’t think they will fix the problems ever, sorry to say.

It’s been a month and nearly every aspect of he game is still unplayable.

The issues run so deep that there are thousands of bugs and problems with the game.

Assuming that they fix things at the rate they have been it will be roughly 2026 by the time every reported bug I could count will be fixed.

Please note that 343 says they have everyone working tirelessly on this, I’m sure that will dissipate after the first few months.

I’m a firm believer at this point that 343 was never capable of releasing a working product regardless of time.

Instead, they outsourced what they could then released it broken knowing it would sell for the holidays and nostalgia.

By the time we were all upset about it we would be playing the Halo:5 Beta then waiting for that game. Problem solved.