I bought Halo: MCC from Gamestop, after paying $60 to be a beta tester for games that already existed,and even playing the multiplayer, I decided this game sucks and is not worth the hassle. I just called Microsoft store. They directed me to the money back gaurantee department. I am mailing my physical copy to them and they are sending me a check for $60 even though I bought it from Gamestop. There is hope, I love my Xbox but this game is not worth it. I guess I will hold off on Halo 5 as well. Im sure they will want us to pay $60 to betatest that also.

I posted this on a thread and it appears nobody saw it… You can get a refund, they will mail you a check if you have the receipt from the store you bought it from.

be sure to ask for the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE DEPARTMENT because this is Microsoft… they will refund you…

All so got a refund on a digital copy