First time post, very long time halo player here, very disappointed fan too. Having played every halo game since release (I purchased the Xbox one for mcc) I am severely disappointed in the match making issues- shots not seeming to register and general sloppiness of mcc everyone has mentioned many times before. I’m currently writing this as it ‘searches for players’… After three Xbox reboots. I’m fed up of wasting what little gaming time I have to play and I’m afraid my days of halo are over. Long story short has anyone had any refund success with their retailer or Microsoft?

Also does anyone have any tips on how to leave match making? When it passes 30 mins of searching I try to back out, I then get stuck in ‘leaving matchmaking’…
Only a reboot fixes.

If you paid for Live using a credit card, money back is easy.

The game, it is a coaster now.

I am/have done the same as you. I have three original Xbox consoles that friends and I used to play Halo back in the day. Purchased the 360 to continue playing and the One just for MCC. Even though I did get a few good hours in yesterday and the day before, sitting here looking at this FAILED TO CONNECT message is starting to get old.

My PS3 might need a dusting off.

I purchased a digital version through Xbox LIve. Getting a refund was as easy as calling support (1-800-4my-xbox) and letting them know I wanted a refund because the multiplayer portion of the game was not working even after several updates.

Hope that helps.

if you have a physical copy you cant get a refund were just stuck with a crappy game.