Refuge is an awful map

This map is garbage. Nostalgic maps are rarely any good to play and this map is no exception.

The map is probably 33% too large. It just devolves into long range camping.

Back in the day it was all about maintaining control and pushing against the enemy sniper. Now it’s just dmr and sniper camping.

The map is so large that it you attempt to push into enemy territory you are almost instantly killed. Theres no cover. The only cover that exists actually helps the enemy kill you with grenades.

Which leads to two teams just long range camping each other.

This map is boring tired crap.

Let me help you 343. If you want to bring back a good map try guardian or The Pit.

Plays just fine in Super Fiesta.

Didn’t find it terrible for objective. It’s good that there isn’t a clear shot from base to base like there was in the reach team Slayer variant (I know they played a different version in reach mlg as well).