ReflexHalo: The race for achilles armour!

Hello everyone! I am lieutenant of the ReflexHalo spartan company,

And we are currently a 10 member company but need your help!
For the next Halo 5 update, the Achilles armour has been revealed, but to get the armour and helmet
you need all kill commendations to level 5, which means the more members we have, the quicker we
can reach that goal! So as a fellow spartan trying to look good and be good at the same time, I ask
you to join our cause and let’s begin the race to the Achilles armour!

P.S A few people in our company are Youtubers (including myself and the leader), so it’s also
a chance to show of your Halo creations to the company and let us help you grow YOUR
youtube community along with ours!

Hoping to serve along you guys in the front lines of warfare,