Reflecting on Halo: Infinite - "Discover Hope" E3

Let me start of by saying I could not stop crying when watching this trailer. Not from sadness or fear, but from hope and love. Watching this trailer was an experience I have never felt before watching a Halo trailer. I’ve already re-watched this thing over a dozen times and a thought came to me early on my second viewing. More than a thought really… a discovery of sorts. This trailer gives us more than a hint at what is to come in Halo: Infinite’s story or the tense and wondrous moments we will experience while playing. This trailer is the story of the Halo community, the fans, the people who have loved this series since Combat Evolved. Within this trailer, there are moments that recreate what we, the fans, have gone through throughout the years since 343i has taken the reigns to our favorite franchise. In other words, within this trailer, is a representation of us and our experience with 343’s halo. Please allow me to explain what I mean.
Since 2012 with Halo 4, and 2015 with Halo 5: Guardians, we have been disappointed with the direction of Halo and let down countless times by 343. Halo 5 especially, at least for me, filled me with anger and hopelessness. I thought my favorite franchise had finally fallen into the depths from which it could never return. Years later we get a teaser at E3 2018 for a game called Halo: Infinite. I was ecstatic! Not only did this sweet melody flow through my ears, but the beautiful landscape that was shown to be a Halo ring, and the reveal of the iconic Master Chief with his classic Mk VI armor was incredible. I thought to myself, this is a return to greatness as it once was. Like many other Halo fans, I was sick of 343 not giving a damn about the classic fans of Halo and innovating for innovations sake with nonsense features that had no place in Halo. Until today… when I saw this trailer… I was finally certain that the hearts of the members of 343i are in the right place. From this trailer I saw that they now know what we have been asking for and they recognize our disappointment and wanting. So now that this background information is out of the way, let me explain why this new trailer shown at E3 2019, is a reflection of us, as the community of Halo.

  • The trailer starts off with a man, a pilot of a pelican, waking up and finding himself in a troublesome state. His ship is being wrecked by some outside forces and he is distraught and panicked. He then hurries to fix the situation and seems that everything is alright now. This is a representation of us first experiencing the continuation of Halo from 343 in the form of Halo 4. We were panicked, wondering what is this, what is going on? It was their first attempt, so we accepted it for what it was, calming ourselves and finally coming to peace to what is was. - Then… BOOM! The man finds that not all is fixed as something breaches his ship creating a hazard. Once again, he panics and hurries to fix the ship once more. So panicked and stressed to the point where he screams in fear. Once he made the repair, he slips on a box which he used to gain leverage to the ceiling panels and falls to the ground. Lying there, no sound. Its over. This part represents our experience with Halo 5. Once again panicked, and worried of what is going on, and how do we fix this? “Fair starts” are back, monthly content drops, focus on arena gameplay. Is Halo back? A question we all needed answered, because if it was, this wasn’t a Halo we wanted to be a part of. Innovations after innovations that are unwelcomed and un-Halo. That ten month mark hits with the final content drop and its “all over.” We think that the franchise will never be the same as it once was. It will keep heading in a direction until all of the classic fans have moved on…then something happens. - The man is alerted to the sound of a sort of holographic log of his wife and child as they record a special message for their husband/father When he gets up, he picks up the holographic message and stares hopefully and lovingly into his loved ones. As he turns the message off, he hears an automated voice say there is a friendly signal near his ship. This scene represented us as we were forced to look back at the games we loved; the first 3 games and even Reach. And as the Halo: Infinite teaser emerged, we are reminded of what we loved about Halo, why we played and continue to play these games today. The stories that drove real emotions through us and made us feel apart of this world that hosted some of our most fond memories. That teaser was a reminder to keep hope. - The man then rushes to the cockpit to receive the signal and identify himself. There is frost covering the front windows of the pelican. He uses his hand the wipe away the frost revealing none other than… the Master Chief, still and floating in space. He then brings the Master Chief aboard where he proceeds to reboot his armor systems after they had gone into lockdown. After some tampering with wires, the Master Chief returns, in all his glory, ready to -Yoinks!- the situation and take on the galaxy once again. Master Chief walks to the cockpit, sees a shattered halo ring, and another disturbance occurs. Scaring the man, but not phasing the Chief. The scared man suggests they flee when he says “We need to run!” The chief responds with a line that I have already thrown in with some of his best dialogue that says, “No. We need to fight.” This finishing part of the meat of the trailer represents us knowing that we are in for a treat. That we are once again heading in the right direction. No more running. No more fright. The Chief is back at the helm… and its time to finish the fight. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you enjoyed this reflection, please share this post with people you know who would also relate to my discussion. Goodbye and I’ll see you in the stars!