REF: Custom Games - NO ADMIN TOOLS!

Ref: Custom Games: We need Admin Tools for Custom Games!

Ok In Capture The Flag Games the games are 15 mins.
The average kill rate in a CTF game is high teens to
low 30’s. I played a CTF the other nite and a user
had 53 kills in a 15.mins.

So when I get forge I am gonna see if I can make
a TOP KILLS SCRIPT per game setting. Meaning if a “USER”
gets 40 kills or more in a CTF game they will be
teleported out of the map and die and continue
to die till they quit the game.

Since we don’t have any Admin tools for Custom
Games. We need to be able to run our servers
the way we need to help make sure our users don’t
have to put up with that kind of crap!

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So someone plays the game of their life and gets banished to respawn hell?

What if the other side is just rubbish?

Maybe the admin just needs better tools to balance the two sides.

I have been a Admin for game servers for many many years. In Halo Infinite you have no auto kick script for Afkers. Remember this is for Custom Games Only! As far as the high kill rate in a CTF map and the average is like I said is high teens and low 30’s. Not in the 50’s plus. So CTF is NOT Slayer :rofl: If I can get the script to work in Forge I will be running it on my server. This is what is sez on my Battlefield 2042 Server when you log into it:

"We BAN user’s that use Hax, Cheats, Creating Hate and discontent, and Racists Remarks! WE DO NOT UNBAN ANYBODY PERIOD! DO NOT TEST IT!!

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Objective games are still Slayer at heart. The best time to play the objective is when you have the numbers on the field.

Automatically banning someone for hitting ‘x’ number of kills is going to be problematic.

Going to be awfully messy when your game goes into overtime and there is only one player left.

Not for me in a CTF custom game. I have seen a user that had 67 kills in a CTF map. That gives me the impression that user is using a aimbot. That is why I am going to see if I can create a HIGH KILL script to make sure we have fair CTF games on my server,

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I won’t need to ban them with this new script Called High Kills.

I just tested a script that can kill a user if their kills are way higher then average.


lets say in a 15min Capture The Flag a person gets 70 kills ( Never gonna happen unless he is using a cheat! )

I set the script to 69 kills. If the cheater gets to 69 kills and the cheater kills number 70 the cheater will die and the cheater will respawn. Now when the cheater kills another user the cheater will continue to die and again and again and again till that person leaves the game, In other words every time that cheater kills somebody after 69 kills the cheater will die! :rofl:

It Works Great!! :slightly_smiling_face:

That will help on the on going issue regarding aim boters. It won’t stop them but it will sure will piss the cheater off, :rofl:

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