Reduce ranked playlists to one cross-title 4v4 playlist & one cross-title FFA playlist

  1. Reduce the ranked playlists to a single cross-title 4v4 team playlist consisting of all MCC titles and a single cross-title FFA playlist consisting of all MCC titles - because spreading the limited population over multiple ranked playlists is not viable and renders them unusable. Display the ‘Lone Wolf’ & ‘Team Player’ ranks on the player card.

  2. Remove SBMM from matchmaking entirely. In ranked, simply factor in the skill levels of the match and increase or reduce the impact on ranking up or down accordingly.

  3. Absorb things like Invasion into Social.

  4. Ranked should dish out double the exp you get from Social.

Combine the above 4 things with these:

  • Special exp ranks/symbols higher than the current highest rank should be added. I think attaining these ranks, which will likely only ever be attained by dedicated hard-core old fans, should have unique rewards catering to hard-core old fans. Think ‘Grizzled Ancient’ nameplate, Bling-Bling’s Head(Ling-Ling’s Head wearing jewel encrusted gold sunglasses) Back Accessory, ‘Demon’ animated visors. Stuff like that.

How EXP should be earned and the amounts:

  • Winning=1exp
  • Draw=0xp
  • Losing=0xp
  • Scoring=1exp
  • Podium Finish(Top 3 Player) even if you were on the losing team(This will reduce player frustration and quitting)=1exp
  • Completing an entire Legendary Campaign=Maybe 10exp
  • Completing an entire Campaign Playlist=The amount of EXP points should be determined by the set difficulty and length of the Playlist. This elegantly gives much more purpose to the Campaign Playlists while providing a fair means to earn EXP through Campaign/offline play; while preventing cheesing EXP gains by simply farming a singular level. Playing Campaign via Mission Select or lower difficulty playthroughs still have meaning by experiencing the story and competing in the Meta Game Scores & Times Leaderboards, I’m really hoping the issues are resolved as Meta Game adds endless replayability. Adding to this, I strongly suggest enemies, weapons, grenades, equipment, allies, vehicles all be remixed in the Campaign Playlists.

Punitive/Management Measures:

  • Quitting should result in a deducted exp point unless quitting after half the team has quit.
  • SBMM needs to be improved or removed I am sick and tired of having constant non entities against a team of good to great players(not talking about a party playing together as that is frustrating but fair). Doing this will reduce the likelihood of players wanting to quit and balance gameplay.
  • Perpetual trolls/AFKers/Betrayers(cough or just turn off friendly fire cough) should be permanently banned on the hardware/network level so they can’t make dumby accounts.
  • Party Up and Veto should return.
  • I don’t know if this is a server error or due to cheaters but multiple times I have been quit banned after being disconnected or kicked at the start of a match. This is unacceptable.
  • A competent BOT system would be extremely appreciated.
  • Being able to choose desired titles and then search matchmaking for any Playlist compatible with the party size would be a great QoL improvement.
  • Join in Progress should be an opt-in option. If you opt-in you can join in progress Social matches if a spot is available. This will further speed up search times while potentially eleviating the frustration of players whose teammates have quit. If for example you join a match that’s say 49 - 0 then ideally that won’t count as a loss for the player who Joined in Progress, if that’s too complex I guess that risk is the payoff of this opt-in feature.

In summary, this is more fun, fair, functional, engaging and meaningful. And it makes Double EXP more manageable which I think should happen every weekend and public holiday.

This will require changing the required EXP for the ranks already present in MCC. Ranks will need to be reset but I think this would be well worth it and I say that after playing nearly 1,500hrs and being (I think) Tier 9 now.

I would rather see every ranked playlist cut except for H3 team slayer, before I would want FFA only ranked playlists for everything.

They can just leave ranked as is with SBMM.

Invasion should’ve been in social a long time ago.

Okay so just continue with the dead unusable playlists then?

FFA is the most meaningful rank and it would help what I’m proposing by not having to balance teams.

I would argue that ranked H3 is/would be more popular than any ranked FFA playlist. If you want to consolidate playlists then consolidate everyone into the most popular one. For better or worse Halo is primarily a team based multiplayer and must offer that experience even in ranked.

Or crazy idea make one single 4v4 ranked playlist and throw in every multiplayer suite. Name it the Halo decathlon and call it a day.

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Great minds think alike just had the same thought.

great idea, I totally agree with all 4 points, would be nice to see something like that :+1:

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Cheers mate, hopefully the team sees this. I also think they should combine this with my suggested changes to the exp system, which I’ll add into the OP of this thread.

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If I’m ever forced into a Halo 4 or Halo 2:A match I’m quitting the game, simple as that. If the playlists must be reduced just keep it to Halo 3 and Reach since those are the most played titles.

Also hard agree on Invasion. No clue why it’s a ranked playlist and not a social playlist.

There should be hard penalty for quiting ranked. I think objectively it’s the best approach and then you have total control in Social with the Match Composer and in Customs & CGB of course.

And I say this as someone who pretty much only plays H3 online. I personally, would like what I’ve said just only H3. But that isn’t fair and doesn’t properly embody the spirit of MCC. So, what I’ve said but have priority weighting is the best approach imo, listed from most frequent/heavy weighting to least:

Halo 3