Reduce Aim Assist

Hands down, the DMR and BR UNSC weapons are extremely dominant all over the battlefield. Please, hear me out. I am an advocate for weapon balance, but also a player who appreciated the appropriate allocation of skill. Close, Mid, and Far range engagements are flat out dominated by those weapons.

And all this in the name of skill? Generally, as it has been throughout gaming history, is that the slow or generally harder to use weapons are the stronger ones, and this is the way it should be, yes?

And I completely agree. A skill factor is also inherently introduced when such a weapon is taken into account as the better player will land more shots against the not as good player. Elementary stuff, but in this case, it seems the DMR and BR are too… powerful.

The BR recoil and DMR bloom are extremely ineffective as balancing deterrents. Body shots take out pretty much as much shield as head shots do. Close, mid, and far range engagements are favoring the DMR.

It seems that if you are playing to win, then you choose the BR or DMR. End of story.

But must “skill” be inherently a lack of diversity?

As it seems, there is a strong “skill oriented” sentiment among the Halo Community that gawks as the notion of Reach DMR bloom, but there MUST be balance. And by this, I mean there must be some sort of balance on the dominance of precision UNSC weapons.
But how can this be done? Since the pros hate bloom, and there seems to be a anti-dmr-weakening sentiment about the majority of this community, I propose an alternative that keeps the skill aspect of these weapons in question.

And so… For the sake of balance among the Halo 4 arsenal, I propose that there be a reduction in aim assist on the DMR and BR. This will introduce a greater skill ceiling as well, becuase as I see it, it is WWWWWAAAAAYYYYYY too easy to get head shots in this game with all the aim assistance, especially when it only takes a single bullet to break through an un-shielded helmet.