Halo the mastetchief collection has been out for over 2 months now and it is still unplayable. Matchmaking has been unplayable since launch so I have been forced to play the campaigns that I’ve already played hundreds of times. After the latest update, I now can’t zoom with any gun or pause the game while in campaign. Very disappointed with 343. Halo is the only game that I play and just about done with it. I bought the xbox one specifically for halo and I realized that it was a waste of $500. Thank god there is a blu ray 3d player otherwise this console would be completely worthless. Way to ruin the best video game ever. I’m sure halo 5 will be a complete upset as well

So now I’m stuck in the halo 4 campaign in Halo the mastetchief collection. I can’t zoom, pause the game, or see any indicators to allow me to pick up a weapon or open a door. I can’t back out of the campaign without loosing all of my progress on legendary. Can’t even switch over to multiplayer which is already pointless with all the issues going on. This is now a joke! Completely unplayable game. Glad I preordered this game and bought the xbox one. Not!!! And 343 wants to add ODST as a gift for this! How about my money back so I can buy a game that actually works! Really doubting 343 from here on out