Redefining Forge

Wouldn’t it be cool to customize a game of Halo from the backdrop in? In other words, being able to change the 2-D layout surroundings of a Halo map. Furthermore wouldn’t it also be interesting if Forge could do this so that players had a more in depth experience? Barriers would outline the map that 343 has designed as a blank white canvas with different aspects to forge in. DLC could also include several canvas layouts for forging.
The player begins editing in the middle of the canvas working their way from the outside in. Until they can eventually begin choosing ground layouts and adding mountainous regions to walk on. While the player is still working out of a barrier like state and the map is still being constructed, the player may edit any of the following layouts at any time. After the ground layouts, backdrops, and regions are all added the player can hone in on forging the canvas further by doing some simple tweaks like adding buildings, vehicles, and weapons. Only this time maps will be more editable, lols, than ever before.

Sounds good to me. It’s good when the community has bright ideas.

> Sounds good to me. It’s good when the community has bright ideas.

Editable = Edible…you can literally eat all of Halo.

FarCry 2 map editing in a nut shell. With the amount of stuff already in Halo 4, a full map editor would take up an entire new disk.

I’d love a actual map creator like Far Cry 2’s.

It’d be an excellent feature to put in there. It’d open up a whole new load of opportunities for Forge.