Redeemed Codes

I purchased the Halo MA40 Nerf Blaster a while back and I can’t remember if I redeemed the code. I cannot find the code right now and I was wondering if there was a way I could find out if I’ve already redeemed it or not. Is there a tab on Halo Waypoint where I can find codes I’ve redeemed?

As my knowledge,there is no tab for check redeemed codes exist.

Sorry for my english

Any update on this? It would be nice to hear from 343 about this one… I also purchased the nerf gun but i cant remember if i put it on this account or my other one. :frowning:

The only way to see if you redeemed a code is to redeem it again and see if it tells you that it is a “redeemed code”.

I was curious about this too! Sorry for the bump but when I redeemed by code it said: “Code already redeemed too many times”…

I can’t tell if Nerf gave me a code it gave to multiple people or not…