Redeemed codes via, Problems??

I recently downloaded the deadeye hemet and the raptor skin via as I couldn’t get on my 360 all of today, and me being the impatient person I am redeemed them on the website. Anyways to the issue, once I downloaded the two codes and was prompted to my “Download Que” the only one that showed up ready to be downloaded was my raptor skin and my deadeye was nowhere to be found. Is anybody on the forums having this issue, maybe even with their own deadeye code, and could possibly give me an explanation to this issue. Thanks in advance.

Tried looking at your Purchase/Download History to see if it’s there?

Thanks Veluxier, yah their there, but when I try to add them back into my “Download Que” nothing changes. I might just try to get on my 360 tomorrow and see if they both get downloaded and if the problem gets fixed there.

check your download/purchase history and install disk 2

> check your download/purchase history and install disk 2

Thats another reason I think it might not be working.

possibly, i know you cant access fud on this site until youve redeemed the code on xbox and opened up the xbox waypoint so it could be abit like that but with mp