redeem my code

hello, I have a problem to redeem a code sent to my account, selected output random and sent me a code but says I have problems with the promotion

This would probably be better placed in Halo Support, but can you explain a little more about what you issue is? Is this a code related to Halo 4 or another Halo game, or is it an Xbox live code (if so, maybe Xbox Support would be better to speak to).

is a code of the halo 4 global championship’s

Can you clarify on exactly what error message you’re receiving when you try to redeem the code?

Im with the ambassador team as well as enforcement and our support forums are experiencing issues at the moment so post will have to be made in other sites. Our redeem code engine has been having bug issues ever since MSP has changed to currency. If you wish to redeem any codes do so over the console do not use as you will possibly loose the code and not be able to use it.

It should be a 5x5 code–in that case if it’s giving you trouble you’ll want to contact Xbox Support.