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In Halo 3, we said “wait for the title update/forge and the game will be good.” When that didn’t work we said “Wait for Reach and the game will be good.” When that too failed we said “Wait for the TU and Reach will be good.” When that failed to work, we said “Wait for Halo 4 and the game will be good.”

You can quote me. When the TU is launched people will be saying “Wait for Halo 5 and the game will be good.”

We have been through this. Halo will never be good again. Stop sitting around with your fingers crossed that the next installment will fix our problems. It will never happen and we are both immature and naive to beli343 it ever will.

The people who left when reach was launched got it right. The ones who left at the beginning of H3 were even smarter. We are the pathetic abused girlfriend waiting around and hoping that our abusive boyfriend will change.

Things will not change. They may get marginally better for a few months, but -Yoink- like this doesn’t actually change, and whatever facade of improvement shows up will soon disappear, because that is how abusive relationships work.

The funny thing is even with a new “boyfriend,” it is still the same problem.

Wow. Of all the analogies you could have picked, THIS is what you chose? This is in incredibly poor taste and incredibly offensive.