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Hi [REDACTED]. I’ve been playing Halo along with my friends since the beginning, just like MANY other veteran fans. Myself and many others have given clear, concise lists and suggestions of how we KNOW how to fix and improve Halo 4. You don’t seem to care. I don’t care about what you said in the bulletin, it seems like more empty promises and PR tittle tattle. How about for starters you do the bare minimum and get yourself together and have a proper/non garbage set of playlists. Don’t make us wait for the standard. Hurry up.

You don’t appreciate straight forward clarity, so to quote Edgar Allan Poe “I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat”.

Fix the playlists, fire [REDACTED] (she does a terrible job relating to the community), Fire your map designers if they can’t do a proper job (I don’t care how many over-designed garbage maps they have made in Call of Duty over their careers, it’s not welcome here), return all Halo standard features from past games (such as TrueSkill, custom options and balanced weapons). And then you may start talking about future endeavors.

Stop attempting to crack the marketing departments wet dream the “casual audience”. You are destroying what made Halo unique.

I predict you won’t respond or even read this. And I will probably be banned(again) because your forum moderators are Nazis.